Niklas Bostelmann


I am Niklas Bostelmann, from Nothern Germany, born in 2000
5+ Years of Experience with composite manufacturing 
Examined Lightweight Aircraft Builder, 
apprenticeship at DG Flugzeugbau and JH Aircraft
I am also a glider pilot and started the apprenticeship with the goal to build myself an aircraft.
Very Experienced with custom Ultra Lightweight Composite Parts, mostly Handlayup but also experienced with Vacuumbagging and Resininfusion
Passion for Flying Wings, Velomobiles, and everything that's special, highly advanced and needs attention to detail.

Tools and Workshop

CNC Machining

I designed and build myself a CNC Router for milling Moulds, Fixtures, and everything I need to have cut precisely 
Workarea of 1200x650x150mm equipped with a Vacuum table for Workpiece fixing
can mill everything from Foam to Aluminium.

Everything for Composites

Epoxy, Release agents, vacuum pump, brushes and rollers, everything you need to make good composite parts.

Small Workshop

Basic tools like Drillpress or Metal files, everything organized and available when needed, and most importantly, a very nice, big, and sturdy Workbench.

Big Workshop 

under construction, next to build: Sanding/Cutting Table with proper Dust extraction and a big Workbench with drawers for properly storing all the Rolls of Carbon and also making bigger projects.


Experienced with Fusion 360
CAD Experience: designing mostly RC Planes, Moulds and Components
CAM: designing toolpaths for example making Moulds and 2 sided setups for milling Foam Cores.